Vienna Let’s Go Shopping

When you’re in Vienna, you want to shop throughout the city. Here are some stores, tips, and information you’ll need when in Vienna.

Mariahilfer Strasse

            This is one of the city’s trendiest shopping area. It is a mile long and located in Vienna in the center of the capital. There are more than one hundred shops and the stores offer all sorts of items. The shops have fashion offerings, jewelry, many accessories, and more. There are several small and quaint boutiques here and a few department type stores as well. This area contains a computer shop, a film store, and a video store. On your shopping trip, do not forget to eat a snack or lunch at one of the many eateries, snack bars, and coffee houses in this area. There are several bars here too. If shopping is more than you can handle, take a breather at one of the bars or catch a quick flick at the cinema too. Everything that you could possibly imagine is right here in one area. Check it out!

Furniture and Homeware Stores

The Imperial Court Furniture Depot is one of the best places to find unique and antique furniture from centuries ago. This is one store that travelers and locals both love and always find great pieces. There is another furniture store, it is called, Interio. This store has a lot of modern designs and trendy furniture deals as well. The prices are said to be quite reasonable too. There is also an auction house that you should check out while in Vienna.

Kärntner Strasse, Graben, and Kohlmarkt

            In this area, there are several jewelry stores and boutiques that can be found in Vienna. This area has many expensive and cheaper shops, with great reputations on quality work. Recently, Vienna has had Tiffany’s open in the area, which is always a fun experience for anyone.


            If you would like to go to a department store instead of a small shop or boutique, then Steffl is your store. This store offers a lot of designer clothing and luxury shopping. They have a sky bar and a place to eat. When you have finished all of your shopping an want a nice place to relax and unwind, this is a great place to do so.

Flea Market and Naschmarkt

When in Vienna, you may be stumped at what to buy your friends and family for keepsakes or souvenirs. We all want to get something unique and with a little bit of pizazz and personality. Look no further. The Flea Market is open on Saturdays in the morning and becomes a huge hub for all types of gifts and keepsakes. The Naschmarkt is next door to the flea market and has many types of International foods and great fruits and vegetables as well. These two places are on the list of experiences to have while in Vienna.

International Food

            While in Vienna, check out Bobby’s International Food Store and Julius Meinl Store.


Aworker ICO Review

This platform is quite similar to online job search forums. Users can create accounts here, verify their skills and upload their details to the Aworker blockchain database. Companies which are looking for employees provide their requirements and the positions which are available along with the pre-requisites for the job.

The basic difference between Aworker and other online job search platforms is that Aworker uses artificial intelligence (AI), through which it is able to match appropriate candidates who are best suited for the job. This also means that the recruiting company ends up doing less work to find the perfect employee.

aworker ico reviewMoreover, users who are on the network can recommend people for particular jobs and if the person they recommended gets hired, they end up earning WORK tokens. These tokens can be used on the Aworker platform in order to get perks or to trade on exchanges.


  • Name of Token: WORK
  • Sale of Token: 26th May – 27th June 2018
  • Accepted Payment: ETH
  • 1 WORK = 0.000333 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 24,770 ETH

What Are WORK Tokens?

This is the currency of this platform and is directly linked with the closing or placement of the vacancy. The company spends WORK tokens in order to find and hire the right employee. The number of these tokens, however, is limited.


  • It reduces the total hiring cost by handling everything through the blockchain network. Thus, a company’s HR department ends up spending less time looking for potential employees. It also helps reduce the cost of advertising for jobs.
  • The AI aspect of this platform automatically matches open positions with the best-qualified applicants who are available. This is ideal for both parties as it helps reduce the time spent looking for jobs or candidates.
  • There is a decentralized verification and assessment process which affects the user’s market price and reputation.
  • Users have control over their information and personal data. The more professional they are, the more job opportunities they will get.
  • If a user is browsing and finds a job opportunity that is ideal for somebody they know, they can recommend that person to the company and if that person gets hired, they will also get paid.

Kiss Products Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Hair Curler Review

The Kiss Products Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Hair Curler falls under the category of the automatic hair curlers. It is known to provide you the curls instantly with the added up shine on your hair. This curler is known to offer the services without causing any kind of frizz in your hair. Delicious has a great review of this hair curler.


Kiss Products hair curlerThis curling wand is the right choice to consider if you are looking for a curler to provide you the quality service. You can easily curl up your hair in different styles with the use of this curler. It is assured that you will not it nay case be disappointed with the performance of this curling wand. It is extremely easy to be used and does not cause any kind of heat effect on your hair. You can easily control the heat on this device accordingly. It can be done with the help of the controllers that are provided on this curler. It comes along with the curl direction and control that can prove to be extremely helpful for you. This device has the barrel of about one inch. It is made out of the ceramic infused technology and can heat up to 420F. The device is provided with the feature of automatic shut off. After ninety minutes this curler will switch off automatically. You can also easily clean this very device without any much problem.


  • It is able to provide you the salon looking professional styling results on your hair.
  • It is extremely safe to be used and is known for its fast heating up technology.
  • You can easily use it for long and thick hair without any kind of problem.
  • It is meant to reduce the frizz in your hair.
  • It is voted as the best product even by the critics.


  • This particular device is known to not work properly with the short hair.


This hair curler might not be easy to handle by you if you are using it for the very first time. But trust us the Kiss Products Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Hair Curler is one of the best products that you can get your hands on. It is extremely easy and efficient to curl your hair with this product. Even it can be easily taken away with you to different places; as it is not too tough to carry this hair curler.

Amsterdam Canals 2018

Celebrate 400 years Amsterdam Canal District together with us!

Prinsengracht 444 Amsterdam, NH, 1017 KE The Netherlands

Book you hotel room, restaurant or museum and come to celebrate with us 400 years Canal District in 2013!

400 years Canal District Amsterdam
2013 will be a special year for Amsterdam. The 400-year anniversary of Amsterdam’s famous Canal District, established in the Golden Age, will be celebrated. Since the 17th century this district has been a compromising network of intersecting waterways.

The cultural organization Unesco has even added Amsterdam’s inner ring canals to its World Heritage List. Several museum’s exhibit living during the golden age and present four hundred year history of Amsterdam’s Canal Ring. If you show your Canal Distict 2013-map you will receive a special gift at the museums.

While staying in one of the Canal District Hotels you can experience the rich Dutch history in the historical buildings yourself and you will receive a special gift. Also the hotels will inform you about museums that exhibit living in Amsterdam from the golden age to the present day.

They will recommend a special choice of Canal District restaurants who offer you 17th century dishes and traditional drinks. And they will organize your trips around the canals in luxury and open boats so you can enjoy all the attractions that this ancient city has to offer.

A special choice of Canal District restaurants offer you 17th century dishes and traditional drinks. Take a boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam. This is a fun and a beautiful way of enjoying the canals. The boats usually come with a guide that knows a lot of interesting stories about the city and the Canals.