Amsterdam Canals 2018

Celebrate 400 years Amsterdam Canal District together with us!

Prinsengracht 444 Amsterdam, NH, 1017 KE The Netherlands

Book you hotel room, restaurant or museum and come to celebrate with us 400 years Canal District in 2013!

400 years Canal District Amsterdam
2013 will be a special year for Amsterdam. The 400-year anniversary of Amsterdam’s famous Canal District, established in the Golden Age, will be celebrated. Since the 17th century this district has been a compromising network of intersecting waterways.

The cultural organization Unesco has even added Amsterdam’s inner ring canals to its World Heritage List. Several museum’s exhibit living during the golden age and present four hundred year history of Amsterdam’s Canal Ring. If you show your Canal Distict 2013-map you will receive a special gift at the museums.

While staying in one of the Canal District Hotels you can experience the rich Dutch history in the historical buildings yourself and you will receive a special gift. Also the hotels will inform you about museums that exhibit living in Amsterdam from the golden age to the present day.

They will recommend a special choice of Canal District restaurants who offer you 17th century dishes and traditional drinks. And they will organize your trips around the canals in luxury and open boats so you can enjoy all the attractions that this ancient city has to offer.

A special choice of Canal District restaurants offer you 17th century dishes and traditional drinks. Take a boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam. This is a fun and a beautiful way of enjoying the canals. The boats usually come with a guide that knows a lot of interesting stories about the city and the Canals.

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