Aworker ICO Review

This platform is quite similar to online job search forums. Users can create accounts here, verify their skills and upload their details to the Aworker blockchain database. Companies which are looking for employees provide their requirements and the positions which are available along with the pre-requisites for the job.

The basic difference between Aworker and other online job search platforms is that Aworker uses artificial intelligence (AI), through which it is able to match appropriate candidates who are best suited for the job. This also means that the recruiting company ends up doing less work to find the perfect employee.

aworker ico reviewMoreover, users who are on the network can recommend people for particular jobs and if the person they recommended gets hired, they end up earning WORK tokens. These tokens can be used on the Aworker platform in order to get perks or to trade on exchanges.


  • Name of Token: WORK
  • Sale of Token: 26th May – 27th June 2018
  • Accepted Payment: ETH
  • 1 WORK = 0.000333 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 24,770 ETH

What Are WORK Tokens?

This is the currency of this platform and is directly linked with the closing or placement of the vacancy. The company spends WORK tokens in order to find and hire the right employee. The number of these tokens, however, is limited.


  • It reduces the total hiring cost by handling everything through the blockchain network. Thus, a company’s HR department ends up spending less time looking for potential employees. It also helps reduce the cost of advertising for jobs.
  • The AI aspect of this platform automatically matches open positions with the best-qualified applicants who are available. This is ideal for both parties as it helps reduce the time spent looking for jobs or candidates.
  • There is a decentralized verification and assessment process which affects the user’s market price and reputation.
  • Users have control over their information and personal data. The more professional they are, the more job opportunities they will get.
  • If a user is browsing and finds a job opportunity that is ideal for somebody they know, they can recommend that person to the company and if that person gets hired, they will also get paid.

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