Vienna Let’s Go Shopping

When you’re in Vienna, you want to shop throughout the city. Here are some stores, tips, and information you’ll need when in Vienna.

Mariahilfer Strasse

            This is one of the city’s trendiest shopping area. It is a mile long and located in Vienna in the center of the capital. There are more than one hundred shops and the stores offer all sorts of items. The shops have fashion offerings, jewelry, many accessories, and more. There are several small and quaint boutiques here and a few department type stores as well. This area contains a computer shop, a film store, and a video store. On your shopping trip, do not forget to eat a snack or lunch at one of the many eateries, snack bars, and coffee houses in this area. There are several bars here too. If shopping is more than you can handle, take a breather at one of the bars or catch a quick flick at the cinema too. Everything that you could possibly imagine is right here in one area. Check it out!

Furniture and Homeware Stores

The Imperial Court Furniture Depot is one of the best places to find unique and antique furniture from centuries ago. This is one store that travelers and locals both love and always find great pieces. There is another furniture store, it is called, Interio. This store has a lot of modern designs and trendy furniture deals as well. The prices are said to be quite reasonable too. There is also an auction house that you should check out while in Vienna.

Kärntner Strasse, Graben, and Kohlmarkt

            In this area, there are several jewelry stores and boutiques that can be found in Vienna. This area has many expensive and cheaper shops, with great reputations on quality work. Recently, Vienna has had Tiffany’s open in the area, which is always a fun experience for anyone.


            If you would like to go to a department store instead of a small shop or boutique, then Steffl is your store. This store offers a lot of designer clothing and luxury shopping. They have a sky bar and a place to eat. When you have finished all of your shopping an want a nice place to relax and unwind, this is a great place to do so.

Flea Market and Naschmarkt

When in Vienna, you may be stumped at what to buy your friends and family for keepsakes or souvenirs. We all want to get something unique and with a little bit of pizazz and personality. Look no further. The Flea Market is open on Saturdays in the morning and becomes a huge hub for all types of gifts and keepsakes. The Naschmarkt is next door to the flea market and has many types of International foods and great fruits and vegetables as well. These two places are on the list of experiences to have while in Vienna.

International Food

            While in Vienna, check out Bobby’s International Food Store and Julius Meinl Store.


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